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beef jerky


Korean BBQ

Made with a savory Eastern taste. Garnished with sesame seeds and marinated in traditional Eastern spices, our Korean Style BBQ Jerky is one of our all-time favorites.

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Garlic Pepper

Garlic and black pepper. Savory traditional flavor. If it's not broken, don't fix it as they say.

Mango Habanero

We use real habaneros in our jerky, washed and cut alongside the meat; chopped and tumbled as the jerky develops an intense heat that has the classic habanero slow-build. In order to diffuse this powerful heat, we glaze the jerky with mango and sugar and sprinkle a traditional Latin lime salt on the jerky to give it a final kick. 

Creeping Reaper

Mega-Hot jerky made with real Carolina Reaper peppers. This is a is a powerhouse of heat. Don't underestimate this massive extreme heat. It will send you running for a glass of water with a smile on your face! 

bacon jerky


Maple Cinnamon

If you love bacon, and who doesn't, this is a perfect combination of sweetness with a cinnamon punch. I like to think of this as a cinnamon roll made out of bacon!


Spicy Sriracha

This bacon packs a punch, but since the heat comes from genuine Sriracha Hot Sauce, it has a flavor that can't be beat! This, more than any flavor or product we offer is a complete crowd pleaser.

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This bacon puts you right on the express way in regards to heat. Imagine jalapeno poppers in a bag, with just bacon. Amazing flavor but does have a bite to it.